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Devus Blog

  1. Giving Piss

    Doms have asked me to provide advice on things based on a subs point of view. Hence a series of posts providing advice to Doms on various topics based on a sub perspective.

    I’ve corrected this post based on some Dominant feedback. Thank you Master Jerrod.

    Giving and Receiving Piss

    I love it when a Dom gives me his piss. There’s one Dom I serve he will have me buy him an 8-pack of beer, he drinks the beer, I drink his piss. Its a perfect balance of Dominance and submission. He has delicious piss, and is generous when he gives it. (I’m a sub that loves to drink a lot of light sweet piss, rather than the darker vintages). He controls his flow, sometimes easy, other times challenging my gulp. He drinks water before hand so he has a lot of piss to give. Its fun. He also happens to be an aggressive throat fucker, and he enjoys depositing his load deep down my throat. Thats also fun.

    Some Notes on Safety

    Piss i

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  2. Playroom Hack

    Smoke Detector

    Just a typical smoke detector. Or is it?

    Pull open the lid to check the battery and look what you find…

    Concealed Hook

    The perfect point for securing my slave when she needs a good flogging… Or maybe just needs to be immobilized while my fingers do the walking…

    Either way, this is the perfect way to help conceal our lifestyle choice from prying eyes of visitors who might not understand our relationship.

    It took me a while to stumble upon this idea, but I had this installed in a few short hours of work one weekend. Let the fun BEGIN!!!

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  3. Principles and ground rules for the slave

    A slave is:

    • obedient;
    • respectful;
    • humble;
    • submissive;
    • well-presented;
    • punctual, and;
    • productive.

    Ground Rules

    1. Know your place. Your Owner, other Dominant men, and all men less submissive than you, are your superiors. Even if you dislike them personally or disagree with what they say, you will acknowledge their superiority at all times.

    This does not mean doing anything you are told by anyone, but it does mean raising any objections in a respectful way; check with your Owner if in doubt.

    2. It’s HIS decision. You may query an order if you need to find out more information or you need to make sure your Owner knows all the facts. You don’t get to disobey or ignore an order on the grounds that you think you know better. Your Owner always knows

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  4. Spoiled orgasm

    1) You’ll need some lube.

    2) Next, order him to lie down on his back with his hands tied or cuffed behind his head.

    3) Unlock his chastity cage.

    4) Make your forefinger and thumb into a circle, then circle his head, and, squeezing quite hard, slide your hand slowly all the way down his shaft to the base.

    5) As your first-hand reaches the bottom, circle his head with the forefinger and thumb of the other hand and repeat the process. Keep doing this, slowly so it’s a never-ending cycle.

    6) He’ll get right to the edge like this, but it’s never enough to tip him over - and in this case, with the ruined orgasm - this teaches him the focus is never on his boy dick.

    7) Once he’s at the edge, and begging, and I mean really begging to cum if necessary change your technique to you’re sliding your finger and thumb up and down the head only.

    8) Be sure to grip hard and you’ll feel his dick start to pulse under your finger just as he starts

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  5. How to find your (natural) Slave for the BDSM Lifestyle.

    Stop searching

    First of all, stop searching for "your" slave. You will always have a biased view of how this slave should be and the risk that you will miss him because of your biased view.
    I know this is easy to say but try to enjoy your time as Master without a slave.

    Meet slaves with no ulterior motives and no preconceptions, try stuff you are interested in and learn more about dominating different kinds of slaves.

    Start with sessions and build it up: step by step at the time

    The next step is that you should rethink your idea of finding a "24/7 slave"! To have a natural slave who lives the BDSM lifestyle is the Champions League! You will NEVER start in the champions league! First, you start with meeting the slave in a session. When it was great you meet him on a regularly base. You create a bounda

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  6. Why I keep slaves naked by Master D.

    Since the very beginning, I keep my slaves naked. It is for me the most proper attitude for holding a slave. In my point of view, there are benefits holding your slave naked. Naked means for me that the slave is only wearing (locked) cuffs on his wrist and ankle. That is a very important point for me: Cuffs are on the one site a clear "slave" sign. To be naked does not really indicate the slave "status" to me and cuffs are a clear sign.
    On the other hand, cuffs are extremely useful! I can tie up my slave any time I want because of the cuffs. This is a huge benefit!

    Devus Cuffs

    First of all to hold your slave naked is primarily a

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  7. Day 100: A Slave’s Reflection of Chastity and Servitude

    Sirs and subs reading this, this is my love letter to chastity.

    Chastity v No Chastity diagram

    The first three weeks are always the hardest.

    The better the orgasms were prior to being locked up, the harder these first few weeks are. All you can think about is how great it felt to nut and how much you want to feel that rush again. During the day you find yourself easily disarmed when you see an attractive man. Average men suddenly become more handsome. Sometimes strong flushes of horniness come without warning and keep you trapped in it’s a vicious cycle of naughty daydreaming. During the day you can distract yourself so you make it through. But at night when all you have are your thoughts you’ll struggle to sleep. And these thoughts keep you staying in your cage, balls boiling. Some nights are especially hard and you struggle with thoughts of unlocking without permission and cumming. But you always tell yourself to be a good sub/slave and you find the strength to overcome your urges.

    After the first month, everything gets a little easier. You recognize

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  8. What is the point of locking up?

    anonymous asked:

    I don’t understand the point of locking up. What does this do? Why is this attractive? Not trying to judge but trying to understand why the gusto for “caging” a dick.

    Fair question.

    Everyone can love chastity for different reasons, of course, just like any other kink. Here’s why I do :

    Chastity takes away a boy’s ability to use his dick. He can’t jerk off, he can’t penetrate anything, he can’t stimulate it, he can’t get hard. To me (and to a lot of people) the dick is the ultimate symbol of masculinity. So when a boy doesn’t have access to it the feel of masculinity alters. He’s no longer in control of his dick, it is now controlled by the keyholder. The boy doesn’t get pleasure from it, the boy can’t get hard, depending on the device, the boy might not even be able to see it. It’s emasculating.

    Not being able

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  9. How to Eat Ass

    How to Eat Ass - 1

    How to Eat Ass - 2

    How to Eat Ass - 3

    How to Eat Ass - 4

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  10. Human Pup Training Guide - Communication

    Human Pup Traiing Guide

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