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Devus Blog

  1. Tips for Subs

    By BlondePete, used with permission.

    Not much for you to do really - just lay there and have a good time! (Only joking)

    General Tips

    If you arrange a meet and can't make it phone and say so - 40% of subs don't turn up for one reason or another but it's only polite to get in touch - Word will soon get around if you're a time waster and it's a very small scene, most of the serious players know each other!

    If you commit to something in a scene try to see it through, nobody likes a sub who complains all the time, if you really can't take any more then say so, but it's always a good idea to say "Sorry Sir" even if it's not your fault.  You can mention something unexpected though, for example, if something isn't fitting right and is more uncomfortable than it's meant to be, ask for

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  2. Bondage - What is it?



    Bondage is getting your kicks from restraining someone, or being restrained, with rope, metal, specialist gear (such as a Straitjacket or Handcuffs) or furniture.

    It is also known as -

    B&D (bondage and discipline/domination)

    BDSM (bondage and discipline/domination and submission, sadomasochism.

    Hanky code colour: Grey, or by rope or handcuffs, worn:

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  3. How to get your boy into Chastity

    How to get your boy into Chastity!

    If you want to develop a relationship with a male as your sub, this is the most potent thing you can do. Take away his manhood. Whether for a long term relationship, or a casual hookup buddy, this will consistently work….(as long as you hold the key). At first he will hate it and love it. And then he will crave it. Whether he is into kink or not. It will change his focus and he will hunger for more. Even a hardened Top will crave this new feeling. Make a bet with someone you like and then take him down his new path.

    1. Tell him why you want to place him into a chastity cage *”I want you to be your horniest around me"*.

    2. Start simple. I recommend a polycarbonate device.

    3. Put it on for him. Be careful and gentle. Don’t start out with uncomfortable pain. You want to integrate it seamlessly. The first time takes a while. If he has hair down there, leave it. He will discover he needs to shave on his own. Shaving will be his gift to you, if you want it.

    4. Put his clothes on and take him out somewhere where you can both see how it feels while walking, sitting etc. (If he has pain, take it off. You want to get him into chastity, not hate you. Try another device.)

    5. When you get home, take it off. Have him jack off for you. Then have him do it again. And again. At this point you should have no physical contact with him until he is caged.

    5. Have him put it on himself. This is usually the time he will bring up shaving. This is up to you. If you let him shave, do it right. Downward strokes. You also want that freshly shaved area dry and exfoliated to prevent razor bumps. (While you have his clothes off, try to sneak the extra key into his wallet for emergencies etc.)

    5. Tell him he will be in it for three days. That’s just enough time to drive him crazy. All he will think about now is his dick and how horny he is.

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