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  1. Giving Piss

    Doms have asked me to provide advice on things based on a subs point of view. Hence a series of posts providing advice to Doms on various topics based on a sub perspective.

    I’ve corrected this post based on some Dominant feedback. Thank you Master Jerrod.

    Giving and Receiving Piss

    I love it when a Dom gives me his piss. There’s one Dom I serve he will have me buy him an 8-pack of beer, he drinks the beer, I drink his piss. Its a perfect balance of Dominance and submission. He has delicious piss, and is generous when he gives it. (I’m a sub that loves to drink a lot of light sweet piss, rather than the darker vintages). He controls his flow, sometimes easy, other times challenging my gulp. He drinks water before hand so he has a lot of piss to give. Its fun. He also happens to be an aggressive throat fucker, and he enjoys depositing his load deep down my throat. Thats also fun.

    Some Notes on Safety

    Piss i

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  2. The Traffic Light System

    anonymous asked:

    could you please explain how the safeword traffic system works??

    Red means stop. Stop NOW, no more discussion, consent is withdrawn, to continue would be an assault, a line has been crossed (too painful, something bad that wasn’t negotiated, etc.)

    Yellow means that you need a break or that something is too much, or that if the top continues then you’re going to “red” soon.

    Green means that things are going well, you like what is happening, more of this please, or even go a bit harder.It also allows the sub to enter into the spirit of a scene vocalising things like "No Sir", "Please stop" etc. without "meaning it. If the top is unsure whether the sub means it he or she can ask "what's your colour?" and if the answer is green or yellow, it can continue without breaking the scene.

    While a bottom might blur

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  3. Tips for Subs

    By BlondePete, used with permission.

    Not much for you to do really - just lay there and have a good time! (Only joking)

    General Tips

    If you arrange a meet and can't make it phone and say so - 40% of subs don't turn up for one reason or another but it's only polite to get in touch - Word will soon get around if you're a time waster and it's a very small scene, most of the serious players know each other!

    If you commit to something in a scene try to see it through, nobody likes a sub who complains all the time, if you really can't take any more then say so, but it's always a good idea to say "Sorry Sir" even if it's not your fault.  You can mention something unexpected though, for example, if something isn't fitting right and is more uncomfortable than it's meant to be, ask for

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