A slave is:

  • obedient;
  • respectful;
  • humble;
  • submissive;
  • well-presented;
  • punctual, and;
  • productive.

Ground Rules

1. Know your place. Your Owner, other Dominant men, and all men less submissive than you, are your superiors. Even if you dislike them personally or disagree with what they say, you will acknowledge their superiority at all times.

This does not mean doing anything you are told by anyone, but it does mean raising any objections in a respectful way; check with your Owner if in doubt.

2. It’s HIS decision. You may query an order if you need to find out more information or you need to make sure your Owner knows all the facts. You don’t get to disobey or ignore an order on the grounds that you think you know better. Your Owner always knows

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