Sirs and subs reading this, this is my love letter to chastity.

Chastity v No Chastity diagram

The first three weeks are always the hardest.

The better the orgasms were prior to being locked up, the harder these first few weeks are. All you can think about is how great it felt to nut and how much you want to feel that rush again. During the day you find yourself easily disarmed when you see an attractive man. Average men suddenly become more handsome. Sometimes strong flushes of horniness come without warning and keep you trapped in it’s a vicious cycle of naughty daydreaming. During the day you can distract yourself so you make it through. But at night when all you have are your thoughts you’ll struggle to sleep. And these thoughts keep you staying in your cage, balls boiling. Some nights are especially hard and you struggle with thoughts of unlocking without permission and cumming. But you always tell yourself to be a good sub/slave and you find the strength to overcome your urges.

After the first month, everything gets a little easier. You recognize that these rushes of horniness are intense, but you learn that they come as quickly as they go. Eventually, your body assimilates to the constant horniness. Now when you see an attractive man, your mouth waters and your pussy twitches automatically, just like Pavlov’s dogs. There are so many hormones cruising through your body every day and you learn to enjoy the highs and the lows. You enjoy fantasizing about kinky raunchy sex shamelessly throughout the day. And with each passing day, the cage becomes more and more a natural part of you.

The second and third months are a different kind of mental adjustment. Eventually, you forget you’re even wearing a cage. Hell, some days you forget you even have a cock until you feel the need to piss again. And living every day with cock on your mind 24/7 blesses you with a huge sexual appetite. You can’t get enough of sucking cock and savour every load fed to you. You love being treated like a vulnerable pussyboy who finds satisfaction in being bred deep. When you’re objectified and treated like a sex object you can’t help but enjoy the sex so, so much more.

Yes, achieving my goal of 120 days of chastity will feel amazing but this journey to get here has been the real reward. Now at 100 days, I feel like I’ve transformed into a completely different person. I know who I am sexually and what role I love to play. Servitude and chastity both have gradually and effortlessly integrated into my life. Getting into my subspace is like as easy as flipping a switch and it feels so natural to stay there. And I have a great balance between work, school, and serving Sir CJ. I’ve never been happier with my sex life.

This is my love letter to chastity. I still have a lot of goals I want to achieve (fisting, anal orgasm, staying locked longer) and this is still really early in my sexual journey. A huge thank you to so many of my dedicated followers, and I hope you all find the same happiness I do in your own chastity adventures.

P.S. I know this was a long post so thank you for reading this far! Gold star for you!! :)

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