Doms have asked me to provide advice on things based on a subs point of view. Hence a series of posts providing advice to Doms on various topics based on a sub perspective.

I’ve corrected this post based on some Dominant feedback. Thank you Master Jerrod.

Giving and Receiving Piss

I love it when a Dom gives me his piss. There’s one Dom I serve he will have me buy him an 8-pack of beer, he drinks the beer, I drink his piss. Its a perfect balance of Dominance and submission. He has delicious piss, and is generous when he gives it. (I’m a sub that loves to drink a lot of light sweet piss, rather than the darker vintages). He controls his flow, sometimes easy, other times challenging my gulp. He drinks water before hand so he has a lot of piss to give. Its fun. He also happens to be an aggressive throat fucker, and he enjoys depositing his load deep down my throat. Thats also fun.

Some Notes on Safety

Piss is normally safe to drink. Although not entirely sterile, the amount of bacteria in fresh piss is not significant enough to be a problem. There are times when a Dom should not give piss:

1. When the Dom has a condition where blood may be in his Piss. There are a number of conditions that may lead to the Dom having blood in his piss. The Dom should not give piss with one of these conditions.

2. When the Dom is taking prescription medications. Some prescription medications lead can lead to unusual by products in the piss. The Dom should not give piss if he is on prescription medication.

3. When the Piss is not fresh. Leaving piss to stand, even in the fridge, will let bacteria grow. Piss should never be stored and given to the sub at a later time, unless its frozen immediately from the tap. Freezing the Doms piss for consumption later can keep it fresh if done immediately.

The Vintage of Piss

The Doms piss can be strong to light tasting. Strong piss is dark yellow, light piss is almost clear. Piss is a bit like wine for subs, some prefer the darker vintages others the lighter vintages. Likewise the Dom may prefer to give darker or lighter vintage piss.

There are a number of factors that affect the vintage of piss:

1. Hydration - This is the most important point. A well hydrated Dom gives lighter piss, and less well hydrated Dom gives darker piss. The degree of hydration is more than just gulping down a glass of water before giving the piss, it is maintaining good hydration throughout the day.

2. Time of Day - The Doms morning piss is the strongest tasting. Many Doms view this as a test of the subs commitment to drink his morning piss.

3. Diet - ‘You are what you eat’ and so is the Doms piss. The Doms diet affects the vintage of his piss - making it sweeter or more bitter.

Things to make piss taste sweeter. Fruits, fruit juice - Pineapple, papaya cranberry, melons, mangos, apples, grapes, also Cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint, lemon, Parsley, wheatgrass, and celery.
Things that make piss taste more bitter. Hard liquor, red meat, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, onions, and smoking.
Given that many Doms like red meat and hard liquor, enjoy giving piss in the mornings, and may not be well hydrated, a sub must learn to enjoy all Vintages of Piss.

Training the Sub in Piss

Many subs have limits with regards to piss, but most can get over those limits with some training. If the sub has limits with piss, here’s the order of things to push them out:

The Dom has the sub play with his own piss. Make him piss on himself.
The Dom pisses on the sub, but keeps it away from his head and face
The Dom pisses on the subs head and face
The Dom pisses in the subs mouth, but doesn’t make him drink
The Dom makes the sub drink his piss
Once the sub is drinking he should learn to not spill piss, although this takes some skill on behalf of the sub (especially when the Dom has a powerful flow of piss). To advance the subs training the Dom can initially control his flow, giving the sub increasingly stronger flow to keep up with.

Once the sub is gulping down the piss, more advanced training has the sub swallowing the Doms piss while his mouth is kept open. Its hot for the Dom to watch his piss pool in the subs mouth like a urinal.

Practice Giving Piss

If the Dom is new to giving piss, it can take practice. Pissing in a guys mouth is weird at first, so is pissing in the middle of the living room, it takes some time to get over the social conventions, and to have faith that the sub won’t spill. Even if the Dom isn’t piss-shy at a urinal, he might be when it comes to pissing in a subs mouth. Practice helps make pissing into a subs mouth natural and routine. The sub is always patient as the Dom practices his piss technique.

Enjoy it Anywhere

The Dom can enjoy a sub drinking his piss anywhere, including at home, bars, at the mall, etc. The Dom can give his piss in a glass/cup, or directly from the tap. Dom’s often enjoy the public submission of a sub drinking his piss in public. Here are some ideas:

At Home - Once the sub has learnt to gulp down piss, and not spill. The Dom can give piss anywhere in the house. If the sub is still learning, it is sometime better to start in the shower or yard.
At the bar - The Dom discretely takes a beer bottle to the bathroom, he warms it under the tap (so that when the sub is handed the bottle he feels its warmth and knows what it contains), the Dom fills the bottle with his piss, returns to the bar and hands to the sub for him to drink. This idea also works with pint glasses, although bar tenders often keep an eye on the beer level in customers glasses - so they may notice something - which could be problematic, or hot.
At the mall - The Dom buys a fountain cup from a fast food place, adds some ice (or not), and takes it to the bathroom to discretely fill the cup. The sub enjoys his drink.
At dinner - The Dom takes a wine glass to the bathroom to fill for the sub to drink with dinner. Make sure there is white wine on the table to avoid suspicion.
Public Bathroom Stalls - As long as the stall is discrete, its always possible for the sub to drink from the tap in a public bathroom.
Piss Lollipops - Piss can be frozen into lollipops for the sub to eat on a hot day. I saw a post from a Dom that froze his subs chastity key into piss ice cubes that the sub must suck to retrieve the key.
The bottom line with piss; Keep it safe, do the training, and creativity is hot.

Source: kp-tyson