September 1, 2018 marked 439 days that I have been locked in chastity. 

It started out as a fun sex game, wearing my Holy Trainer for a few hours. Then a few days, and then weeks.

I noticed changes taking place in my body and mind. They were so amazing and soul-satisfying that I decided to just stay locked for the rest of my life. Soon after that decision, I met my Master, so I am now locked for him, giving my chastity an even deeper meaning and commitment.

So why would I decide to stay locked permanently?

When I gave up orgasms, that energy showed up in other ways in my life. I felt a new energy all the time. I became more productive. I felt younger. I felt a new spiritual level had been attained. 

My body lit up. Any touch became amazing. It is like the sensitivity of my other body areas was cranked up to the max, like never before. The slightest touch from my Master gives me intense pleasure that lasts for days.

When he chooses to fuck me, I experience it on a whole new level, like never previously. For me, there is the increased physical pleasure, but it is really a spiritual event for me now.

It is that spiritual transformation that is so amazing and was unexpected by me.

There is a great sense of freedom for me. I no longer get real erections. I no longer have any desire to cum. I don’t even like touching my cock. It is as if it doesn’t exist anymore. I feel I am no longer under its control, a slave to my cock.

I have been freed from cravings for my own physical satisfaction. I have been freed from a focus on my own body.

I have the freedom now to focus entirely on my Master’s well-being without my own cravings getting in the way.

So while being “locked” sounds like captivity, it is actually freedom for me.

Another way of putting it is that I now exist on a more spiritual level, above the physical, if that makes sense.

Being locked for over a year has transformed me in all these ways and more. Life is enormously better for me as a result.

The bottom line: The best thing I have ever done for myself.

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